The Best Block Puzzle game in 2020: Block Puzzle Jewel

The Best Block Puzzle game in 2020: Block Puzzle Jewel

If you are looking for a game that develops intelligence and mind, then block puzzle is the ideal choice for you. It improves the thinking skill of every person. There are a number of blocks game available today and each and every one is designed to sustain your interest for a long time and it will challenge you in every step of the game. These games are helpful to make a lot of effort to think and to concentrate on the given target. These games are mostly time-based and one needs to complete it within a certain time frame. Block Puzzle Jewel is such a popular block puzzle game that comes with a lot of features and interesting gaming tricks.

What is the block puzzle game?

Block puzzles games is fun and interesting trivia and puzzle game. It is a cross between Tangrams and Tetris. They come with a set of rules, which is very much simple. You just need to drop the blocks around the phone screen and you will get a dedicated place to them in the right arrangements. At first, it is a simple game but gradually it shows its challenge. It becomes very challenging as the number of puzzle block increases. You can use colorful blocks and Tetris to work more on your brain. This is one kind of logic game that will challenge your brain more. The goal of the game is to create horizontal and vertical lines on the game board using pictures or number pieces. You can tap on the blocks to rotate them and can place them in the right positions by dragging with fingers. By creating a target word or by solving a puzzle, you will be able to score the target numbers. Block puzzle jewel is a good game that seems more like a jigsaw puzzle, which is very much interesting and challenging.

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This is an addictive but classic block jewel game. This block opens with different shapes that you need to set. You will get your blocks to create horizontal lines. As you create the right line, it will disappear from the screen. As ore lines are cleared, you will score much higher. The game will be over if there is no place to put your given blocks. You can select the right position for every block on the basis of their particular shapes. It is a simple, casual but classic puzzle game that you can enjoy in your free time. This is really interesting and you will not be able to stop yourself as the game is over or as start playing it. This is much more exciting than watching a movie. This game is special because of its beauty and colors. You will get new things on your every step.

Block Puzzle Jewel 1
Block Puzzle Jewel Game

What we can expect from the block puzzle game?

Block games are mind refreshing, very much interesting and quite challenging. We can enjoy more productive activities with such games. They test the problem-solving skills of a gamer like logic, sequence solving, pattern recognition, strategy, and word completion. Logical and conceptual challenges are also involved in block puzzle games. Timed or action elements are added sometimes to the game. Genuine puzzle games focus more on solving the puzzle as the primary objective. Puzzles include shapes, colors, symbols, or colors that the players can move directly or indirectly into a certain pattern. Some of the block puzzle games contain hidden objects that challenge our mind beautifully.

You can expect to have more fun and interest in these games. Some games like Block Puzzle Jewel are uniquely designed to test your intellectuality. The beautiful color assortment of the game can keep you busy for more and more time. By creating and destroying lines, you will be able to earn more score and more score means more satisfaction, happiness, and interest.

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You can expect to achieve a few skills with the game like:

  • Project management skills
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Visual skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Self-management skills
  • Tactile skills
  • Character development skills and traits
  • Collaborative skills
  • Social skills

Why we download this app?

This game offers character building and cognitive development of a person. This game is available easily on the Google Play Store. This is easy to download and very easy to install. It comes with colorful graphics and different blocks. It has a very delicate and smooth animation that one can enjoy. This game is suitable for every age and there is no risk involved for the little gamers. Enjoying this game is easy and very easier to play so from your old grandmother to your ten years old champ, this game is enjoyable for everyone. But you need to play more with your cognitive skills to be the master of the game, which is a little bit harder.

Amazing sound effects, great graphics, beautiful colors of the game can keep you busy for a long time, which helps you in enhancing your concentration. Another reason for downloading this interesting game is, this is completely free of cost. You can enjoy the unlimited fun without paying any penny. This is a fabulous brainstorming and relaxing game. If you want to keep away your stress for a few hours, download this game and play it strategically.

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