7 Latest Technology Trends that Will Develop in 2020

7 Latest Technology Trends that Will Develop in 2020

There are many new technology trends that developed throughout the year 2019. For example e-money and e-wallet, AR and VR, to foldable smartphones. Everything has a positive impact on human life. Now, by entering into a new era there will be even more technological trends developing. Everything will be more sophisticated, automatic, and futuristic. Are you curious what technology will define this 2020? Come, see the following list!

1. 5G network

You must be familiar with this technology. The 5G network has been announced since last year but it has not been used thoroughly. But this year, you can expect more. The technology which reportedly has a fast performance will develop stably in 2020.

2. Smart home is increasingly loved

A smart home is a house filled with smart equipment that can work automatically. For example smart toilets, robot vacuum cleaners, automatic garage openers, to smart beds. Everything is connected to the virtual assistant application on our smartphones, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri.

3. Artificial intelligence is increasingly rampant

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology trend that is widely used in 2019. It turns out that this trend will not die and even more worldwide this year. Not only sophisticated tools that use it, but it could be everything.

4. Streaming is a trend that is followed by almost everyone

As we know, in recent years there have been various streaming services. It could be streaming for music, movies, television channels, to video games. The examples are Spotify and Netflix. Until now, the service has managed to gather millions of users from various countries. This trend will not die over time.

5. Automation technology

What is meant by automation technology is the transition of the role of humans to machines. A simple example is e-toll and automatic parking. According to a report made by PWC, at least three to 30 percent of the work will go to the machine. This is predicted to occur in the early to mid-2020. Real examples that are being developed are cashier-less technology and self-driving cars.

6. Quantum computers will be commercialized

Quantum computers are technologies that have been developed since 2019 mainly by IBM and Google. This is a type of computer that is very fast and predicted to be able to do all complex things.

7. Blockchain will become more practical

You must have heard the word blockchain before. This is a term for a series of data that is processed by several computers. This technology is commonly used by large companies. It will trend in 2020.

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