AI in Our Everyday Life

AI in Our Everyday Life

AI is an artificial intelligence that is capable of doing things that are considered to require human intelligence. Although only discussed recently, AI has actually been used in various features and products that exist in society. This time we will present five examples of the role of AI in everyday life.

Recommended songs from your favorite music platform

Behind the favorite music platforms that we usually listen to, there is an AI in charge of reading our habits in listening to music. Ai analyzed various things, ranging from music genres to the names of singers that we usually listen to. Furthermore, the results of the analysis were used as benchmarks to look for similar music which was then presented in the form of a list of song recommendations for us to listen to.

Shows map and direction

When opening Google Maps, we can find out the fastest route recommendations. This recommendation does not just appear, but after passing the data processing stage by AI. AI analyzes the situation on the ground and provides path recommendations based on data that has been collected. The data is very diverse, ranging from distance, traffic conditions, to previous travel data.

Digital Assistant

iPhone or Android users must be familiar with SIRI and Google Assistant. Both are examples of AI in everyday life. SIRI and Google Assistant have the ability to understand human language while recognizing the user’s voice. This intelligence makes both able to play like personal assistants in real life. SIRI and Google Assistant can learn about the user’s daily habits, and provide assistance according to user needs.

Facilitate shopping activities

AI can also be applied to simplify the shopping experience. Furthermore, AI will process images and look for items that are similar to the images that we upload. That way, we save time to type the name of the item and search it one by one from the many search results that appear, it’s easy, right?

Drive the vehicle

The existence of AI is able to make the technology that we can only see on film become real. AI was able to manage activities that require high difficulties such as driving a car or flying a plane. This auto-driving technology has been applied by Elon Musk to its production smart car, Tesla. With this technology, we as passengers only need to sit nicely in the car. With AI in it, the car is able to take us to its destination. Not only that, we can integrate various things, one of them is a calendar into it so that the car knows our destination on that day.

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