Canada Will Create Smart Drone to Plant Tree

Canada Will Create Smart Drone to Plant Tree

A group of scientists in Canada has a breakthrough as well as a new ambition to deal with climate problems. Specifically, to restore a barren forest to a place filled with trees. The scientists’ breakthrough was to plant 1 billion trees using drones which will be realized in the coming 2028. The group called Flash Forest claims to have developed a drone technology that is able to map land to plant trees with an average density of 2,000 trees per hectare. The goal is to, reduce carbon dioxide in the air.

Reported by Kickstarter, the scientists used pneumatic machines mounted on drones. Each drone carries three pre-germinated seeds and another species of nutrient-rich mushroom called mycorrhizae to help trees grow and develop properly. After the tree is planted in the ground, the drone will water the area with nutrients. Drones are specifically designed to map areas and then monitor the growth of these trees. They claim, this method is 10 times faster and 20 percent more efficient than planting trees with traditional techniques. In this way, the team hopes to restore areas that were once damaged by deforestation, back into the rainforest.

In this case, according to the International Panel of Climate Change, humans only have 10 years to restore a better climate and prevent the adverse effects of climate change on the survival of humans and other species. Unmitigated indeed, this is because the amount of carbon dioxide released by humans has increased since the pre-industrial era, reaching 34 billion tons of carbon dioxide in 2018. Plus, the Earth has lost 13 billion trees annually, and less than half of it has been returned. According to researchers, planting trees is the best solution in dealing with this problem,

Founded early last year, Flash Forest successfully planted more than 100 trees in Southern Ontario in August 2019. The second project, carried out in September, successfully planted 1,033 nutrient-rich soil pods. And in October, they managed to plant around 165 trees in three minutes. In fact, within two days, they again planted about 2,000 trees from seven species in Southern Ontario.

Their ambitious changes arise when climate change and issues related to deforestation come to the surface. Like last summer when Amazon received international attention, the age of the world’s largest rainforest was burning and experiencing severe deforestation.

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