CMOS Battery Failure Signs

CMOS Battery Failure Signs

Are you trying to put your whole laptop and pc at risk because of a small battery? So let’s hop in and see what’s really happening inside. This little CMOS battery can break your pc / laptop without mercy. it’s very essential to be aware of these CMOS battery failure signs. When you go through this article, you will understand why your CMOS battery is not functioning well and its reasons.

 So let’s start to find out what are the CMOS battery failure signs.

1.Computer date and time are not set correctly (Main CMOS battery failure sign)

One of the most common CMOS battery failure signs you can face in day to day life. The reason for this is after the battery becomes dead, there is no way to supply the required current to the CMOS chip in the motherboard. This chip is the responsible part of our pc which looks after all functions even when we turn off the computer. Updating date and time is also one of the significant activities done by it. So if the CMOS battery is not working correctly no way to update the date and time through this chip.

2.Hearing a constant beep sound when booting.

Another familiar sign indicates the failure of the CMOS battery. This is not 100% the fault of CMOS battery failure, sometimes this may happen due to some ram issues also. But if you heard this beep beep sound constantly it’s your duty to double-check your CMOS battery.

3.Receive error messages while booting.

CMOS Battery Failure Signs

CMOS Battery Failure Signs

CMOS Battery Failure Signs

In this case, many people miss this error message as they are not focusing on the booting window. Sometimes it’s struck the same place without going ahead. Other than that everyone can miss this CMOS battery failure sign. So it’s very essential to read all the messages which appear when booting up. Through that, you can easily catch up on the failure in the CMOS battery.

4.Stop working drivers.

Stopping working drivers is a rare issue which is caused due to the CMOS battery failure. But this also can happen once or several times that showing your CMOS battery going to die soon. 

5.Unable to connect to the internet.

Another prominent symptom is that everyone thinks that there is a problem on my network or something is going wrong with the internet service provider if this happens. When you go through that error message that displays on your browser carefully, you will see some defects in your date and time or your time zone.

CMOS Battery Failure Signs

CMOS Battery Failure Signs

Now you can get an idea that if anything happens to the connection because of this date and time issue, who’s responsible to take care of these issues. Yes, you noticed it right this time no one else other than our CMOS battery. So keep it in your mind that being unable to connect to the internet is also a CMOS battery failure sign. 

6.Pc goes turn off and doesn’t boot.

Whenever everything is not in proper order, typically a computer turns off.  Here also the same thing happens. It is the user’s responsibility to look after their device properly so that it functions well without reporting any errors. But even though you double-checked the system if any fault is encountered in the CMOS battery this kind of problem is reported. So keep it in mind when the pc turns off suddenly and doesn’t turn on, it is also a CMOS battery failure sign.

7.Other issues like mouse and keyboard not responding and PC/Laptop getting much slower.

If suddenly the mouse and keyboard become not responding, don’t be in a hurry to throw them off. You may think that those peripherals are not working, but the actual factor is there may be an issue with your CMOS battery. So the best thing is you have to check these items by connecting to another laptop or a pc. Keep in mind replacing the CMOS battery is cheaper than a keyboard or a mouse.


When you replacing your please cut off your power supply. If not you may able to get some electric shock.

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