Computer Science For Kid

Computer Science For Kid

A computer has been a big part of life, especially in modern society because everything works with the computer. It is undeniable that kids now also need to learn how to operate a computer and it could be everything too. They can play games, study and more. Schools now provide a curriculum to make sure that kids can catch the digital era earlier. Some parents may think that it is too hard because they need to catch up the technology development too. However, if you know how to design the material for your kids at house, you actually can catch up too. You can learn together with kids and upgrade your skills in technology and you will get two things. You teach your kids about computer and you also can get more knowledge from your kids too because sometimes they have unexpected ideas about technology.

You may have no idea how to start teaching them about computer science because you may think that it could be complicated because there are a lot of programming languages. Well, it’s too far for kids. You can start with a simple thing. The initial step in introducing computers to early childhood can begin by telling about the benefits and contributions of computers to human life. Computers are used to support many human tasks and work. Examples that can be conveyed for example:

  • The air traffic controller at the airport uses a computer to manage flight schedules.
  • The use of computers also affects communication which includes speaking, reading, and writing. A positive attitude and increased social interaction lead to an increase in language use.
  • The doctor uses a computer to help check/diagnose the patient’s condition
  • Printing companies use computers to manage the layout of news and illustrations contained in newspapers or magazines
  • Students use computers to type, search and obtain information and complete school assignments
  • Offices use computers to make administration
  • Computers with multimedia capabilities are able to display real information that can be used as a means of entertainment. For example to listen to music, watch movies, play games and so on
  • With the technology available on human computers, it can be widely connected to all networks in the world. The communication network is the internet.

New ways of working with computers will arouse children’s motivation in learning. They appear to be enthusiastic, curious, happy, more active, positive and have a higher concentration.

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