Conducting Basic Cybersecurity in Your Own Office

Conducting Basic Cybersecurity in Your Own Office

The 2017 Cybercrime Report document released by Cybersecurity Venture in collaboration with the Herjavec Group states that from year to year the losses incurred due to cyber attacks continue to increase dramatically. Now more and more business owners are prioritizing security protection in their annual budgets. Although the process of implementing a cybersecurity system is indeed not a short matter, the initial steps to avoid cyber attacks can begin as soon as possible.

1.Identification of various potential threats

The standard threat that targets directory access without permission should be predictable as early as possible in order to prevent theft of company information. Most companies have internal data that contains sensitive information. If it is leaked into the hands of hackers, it can result in huge losses. Since the beginning of its appearance, hackers have always targeted private and potential data and then utilized it for their own benefit. Early identification of a leakage gap will prevent the company from future havoc.

2.Realize that cybercrime is a real threat

Even though the physical does not look like a criminal in everyday life, companies must be well aware that cybercrime is far more evil and detrimental. This threat can occur at any time and the strategy can change at any time. Always sort and store sensitive information with the best level of care. Mixing general and important information in one directory will only make it easier for hackers to steal it.

3. Keep employee control

Employees at the company are one of the gatekeepers of access. They clearly understand what is happening in it, how it operates, and so on. As much as possible make sure that your company’s employees are motivated to continue to be active and loyal at the same time. An employee’s dislike of the company’s treatment can be one of the gaps in information leakage. In addition, tighten up whoever has limited access, ensuring that their integrity is guaranteed.

4. Use dual authentication

Indeed this step will not guarantee the safe level of 100 percent, but at least double authentication will be able to minimize the risk. Encourage employees of your company to also apply similar steps to the accounts they have.

5.Conduct regular audits

When a company starts to show its growth, of course, it is also accompanied by conditions where you cannot control everything regularly. When you are in this position, it never hurts to hire a cybersecurity consultant to conduct an audit to protect existing data. In addition, you can also recruit security officers who are specifically responsible for all aspects of business security and safety.

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