How To Live With No Electricity?

How To Live With No Electricity?

One of the energy that can not be separated in everyday life is electricity. If it doesn’t exist, it will cause many problems, ranging from the affairs of the kitchen, office to the gadgets that we normally use certainly will not function without an electric energy source. There are many electronic items that use electricity. Electricity is very helpful in daily life. Never mind a day, just an hour of power failure, of course, we will feel a little lonely, disappointed and even frustrated if the day or hour there are certain events it’s a pity to pass up if the electricity goes out, a lot of work can be neglected. In addition to the needs of the household, electricity is also very needed to access technology. In addition to household appliances, electricity needs are currently very influential in the world of education, ranging from accessing the internet via computers or other similar types of electronics that certainly require the flow of electric current. It will just develop faster with electricity because most of technology requires electricity.

Then, Can human life with no electricity?

The answer can be. Because in ancient times, humans lived without the help of electricity. Human ancestors made clothes manually, made weapons for hunting, made homes to grow crops, as quoted from the page. However, modern western civilization causes humans to depend on electricity. In fact, humans can survive and live even without it all.

Digitalization has changed our home. Now we all have more automatic devices than ever before. The internet also provides all information and seeks solutions to complex problems. Every link in this life chain requires electricity, and most of it comes from fossil fuels. What will happen if the fossil supply is also paralyzed? Of course, humans will find it difficult to obtain electricity as an energy that has been relied upon. If there was no power failure, everyone in the house would have their own activities. They watch TV, play games, do homework. Well, if there is a blackout, activities will be difficult or even impossible. So, when the power goes out, take advantage to chat with family. Time with family is very valuable. You can talk about love stories, talk about your activities all day. Plus, you can cook traditionally like you can do BBQ with your family and have a warm lunch or dinner without a phone at all. It will be so memorable.

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