How to Stop Wifi Hacking

How to Stop Wifi Hacking

Basically, someone can break into WiFi or handle WiFi if the password or the system used is weak. Actually most WiFi owners prioritize convenience over the strength of the WiFi security system. Why do we talk like that? This is based on our observations, internet customers who have wifi still do not understand the impact of using uncontrolled wifi. Some ways to prevent WiFi from being compromised by others are very easy to do. If you really don’t understand or don’t want to bother, please ask for wireless router settings but here are things you can do to stop wifi hacking.

1. Using the latest password technology

As we know, every vendor such as Tp-link, D-link, Linksys, Ubiquity, Mikrotik, even home wifi devices also recommends that we use passwords with WPA2 encryption. Because by using WPA2 encryption type, passwords will be harder to break. For now, only how to hack WiFi using brute-force is able to break into WPA 2. That too takes a long time and doesn’t necessarily work.

Conversely, if we still keep WEP encrypted, the wifi password can still be broken using the wifi cracker application for PC. That’s why it’s not recommended to use the WEP password type. By using WEP, it’s easy to remember passwords, but it’s also easy to hack.

2. Use a unique and strong WiFi password

If we already use WPA2 encryption, we must also use a unique and strong wifi password. They usually use a minimum of 8 characters with a combination of uppercase letters, small letters, numbers, and symbols. That’s really really powerful. Indeed we will be quite difficult to remember, but it will also be difficult to hack.

If you have trouble finding a unique but easy-to-remember WiFi password, try going to the password generator tool provider site. The rest you will get examples of unique passwords and learn how to create unique and strong passwords. For the site, you can just search on google’s uncle.

3. Turn off the WPS feature on the wireless router settings

WPS is an alternative to connect to wifi without using a password. So no matter how strong the password that we use, it can still be hacked if the WPS feature is still activated. Because there is some software that can read Pin WPS.

4. Activate the mac-address filter feature on the WiFi Router

Do you know that mac address filter? Mac address filter is very useful for filtering devices that can be connected to wifi. A device certainly has a mac-address, so if the mac-address is not registered, then the device either cell phone, laptop, the computer will not be able to connect to the wifi.

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