IT Fundamentals For Practice Test

IT Fundamentals For Practice Test

Some of the skills that programmers must possess are logic, algorithms, and mathematics. But apparently not. I did not include these three creatures on this list. Indeed, while studying IT, we will learn a lot about mathematics, logic, and algorithms. However, it is not really needed to learn certain technologies. Now, what we will discuss are skills that must be possessed to learn any technology in the IT world.

English is a skill that programmers must have because most of the documentation and programming language itself uses English. English will help you more easily in:

  • Read the documentation;
  • Understand error messages;
  • Ask in a global forum;
  • Learn from the outside web;
  • Look for references;

At a minimum you can speak English passively, then you can enjoy the convenience above. When you understand English, then you can read the documentation easily. Documentation is a document that explains how to use technology. It is usually difficult to understand. Why is that difficult?

  • Packed with technical language that is boring to read
  • The screenshot is incomplete (because beginners need screenshots even though it’s only a CLI command
  • Use English

Even so, documentation is the first thing you should read if you are going to learn new technology. Reading the source code seems easy. It’s easy to read the source code that we write ourselves. We have understood the logic because of our own logic of thinking. The skill of reading source code turns out to be a skill to have besides writing skills. Because we will not write the code alone. There will be source code from other team members

The next fundamental thing for IT is debugging.  It is an activity looking for bugs or problems in the program code (source code). Named a bug because in the past there was a bug (insects) attached to a computer machine and caused problems. After searching it turned out to be the cause of the bug. Eventually, this term became popular until now. In debugging skills, you must be able to:

  • Understanding the meaning of error messages and other problems
  • Look for in the line where the error lies
  • Analysis of the cause
  • Overcoming errors

This debugging process can be longer than the process of writing code. There are even those who for weeks do not find the source of the problem.

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