Python For Network Engineers

Python For Network Engineers

To face competition in the world of work, a skills certification is needed that aims to validate the knowledge possessed by the workforce. Especially in jobs in the IT field that are increasingly developing. Responding to this, the Microsoft and Certiport team created an international standard specifically given to prospective IT workers. Microsoft Technology Associate is a certification program intended for workers/professionals who want to build a career in IT. Network Engineer is someone whose job is to handle the network, both building, renewing, and repairing a network. The point is every work related to hardware (hardware) for computer networks. Such as hubs, routers, modems, switches to WAN Accelerator. In the field of work application, a network engineer is always needed in all fields of industry.

We are now entering the era of Industry 4.0, where the role of information technology and networking is very important. With the development of the industry, Network Engineers can work in IT-based and Non-IT companies, but there are so many challenges when you want to work hard as a network engineer. First thing to learn is of course about how you will try programing. It is a basic skill that every network engineer should know. One of the most popular programming languages is python. What is that and why is it important for a network engineer?

Python is a popular programming language. As of September 2018, Python is ranked as the 3rd most popular programming language in the world. Python is relatively easier to learn and use than other programming languages. The syntax is simple, easy to read and remember because the philosophy of python itself emphasizes the aspect of readability (readability). Python code is easy to write and easy to read, making it easier to fix if there are errors, and also easy to maintain.

Besides being easier to read, python is also more efficient than other languages such as C, C ++, and Java. To do something with 5 lines of code in another language, maybe in Python only one line of code is needed. This causes the creation of programs in Python to be more concise and faster than other languages. Python is a multifunctional language. With python, you can do a variety of things from text processing, creating websites, creating network programs, robotics, data mining, to artificial intelligence. With python, you can create desktop-based or smartphone-based applications.

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