Unique Household Technology You Need, There’s a Smart Toilet!

Unique Household Technology You Need, There’s a Smart Toilet!

Nowadays, we can be sure that almost everyone uses a smartphone as a daily communication tool. The more advanced the technology, the function of the device is also increasingly broad, not only used for telephone and text messaging only. Not only functions like ordinary equipment, but smart home devices are also connected to smartphones so they can work automatically. Now, if you’re interested in using it, here are ten unique smart home devices that you might need!

1. Lights that can set their own information

A well-known electronics brand, Philips managed to make innovations in the lamps it manufactures. The name of the product is the Philips Hue. This lamp can adjust the brightness and color itself. Simply connect with Alexa, IFTT, or Siri, Phillips Hue can operate properly.

2. A bed that can analyze sleep habits

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is a very multifunctional bed. It connects with smartphone applications such as Fitbit and Jawbone so that we can analyze our sleep habits. This smart bed will send sleep data patterns every day to our smartphone. Not only that, he can also adjust the tenderness, temperature, and slope of the mattress. Sleep is getting more and more sleepy!

3. A bowl of pet food that can fill itself

Are you worried about your pet starving when it is out of the house? Now there is a smart feeder that you can use. The tool will automatically fill cat and dog food bowls. It is easy to use,  just connect with a smartphone, you can also schedule meal times and the right portion for your pet.

4. Flood detector

Soon the rainy season is here! It’s good to install a flood detection device, especially for you who live in vulnerable areas. This technology has sensors to detect inundation. When water starts to enter the house, the device will give a warning through the application.

5. Light switch that can read the news

This light switch is an Amazon product. They named it Ecobee Switch +. Unlike other automatic switches, Ecobee has additional capabilities, which can read the latest news, weather forecasts, play music, and even control other smart home equipment. You only need to connect with Alexa, Apple’s Homekit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and SmartThings Hub.

6. Mirror that is able to analyze skin health

HiMirror Mini looks like a mirror in general, with a flat surface with legs as a buffer. But who would have thought that the mirror has another expertise, namely analyzing the health of our skin

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