What is SQL

What is SQL

If you are a programmer or someone who works in the IT world, you must have known what SQL is. It is the super basic thing in the IT world to know. Structured Query Language or SQL may be an important point in a network computer engineering study. The existence of SQL as a programming language has a long history and development. Of course, these developments are influenced by developments in the world of technology which are getting better from time to year and are continually updated. So like it or not, a lot of software is created with new technology, but it does not eliminate the existence of this SQL. Then, maybe some of you might be wondering what the meaning of SQL itself is? What are the functions using SQL and what are the basic commands that you need to know about? Everything you can see the reviews in writing in the following points.

An overview of SQL

Understanding SQL in general for the laity and beginners in the IT world can be interpreted as a language used in accessing data. Especially for data that has a relational basis. Of course, the computer language in this relational database is based on standards issued by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). SQL standardization has existed since 1986 and was indeed initiated by ANSI. Until now, many servers in a database or software are able to interpret SQL language. So from that, SQL is the subject of discussion and material that is very important for those of you who are struggling in the world of IT as well as matters relating to the relational database.

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The existence of SQL in managing a database provides its own function. For an admin, the existence of SQL can allow you to access and modify databases. You can also run a query or retrieve the data needed, including updating or inserting data in a database. SQL can also be used to delete data in a database. Another function is to create a new procedure and this will be stored in a database. It also can regulate access rights in tables, procedures, and other important matters. So, it can be concluded that the definition of SQL is a special language used when creating or processing databases on a website. When managing a website, you also need to use the best hosting service so that the website needs to work well.

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