Why Cyber-security is Important For Companies

Why Cyber-security is Important For Companies

All new innovations that emerge are always present in the package, including the benefits of their use as well as the threats that surround them. Similarly, the implementation of information technology systems (IT) in the company. He is potentially threatened with cyber-attacks (cyber-attacks). How dangerous it is? The more you engage with the technology and the internet, the more dangerous you are now. It means like when you save important things in cloud, you have risks to be hacked and your data could be stolen. It is considered a small scale cyber attack. Then, what if it happens to the companies?

Cybersecurity for companies has a simple purpose, namely to protect computer-based devices and company data in them from unauthorized and unauthorized access, illegal data changes, and other potential damage. The reason is, a report from Cybersecurity Venture in collaboration with the Herjavec Group Cybercrime Report shows that from day to day the type of damage caused by cyber attacks is increasing. The parties targeted were indiscriminate. Moreover, the number of companies moving to online activities is increasing, including those engaged in advertising, sales, finding new market shares, customer contacts, employee recruitment, to financial transactions. Seeing the importance of the types of businesses that are in direct contact with the technology, of course, the company does not expect any attempt to sabotage existing data or corporate transactions.

Then, what are the things that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks? When it comes to network systems, almost all aspects can be attacked: transactions, hardware, IT-based services, customer data, and other sensitive information. In addition, cyber-attacks can manifest several things, including theft and illegal takeover of access to computers, laptops, tablets, or cellular devices owned by companies; attacks to IT systems and websites remotely; to the theft of company information that happens to be entrusted to third-party systems such as on cloud services.

The various potential threats exist. In fact, there are still many companies that lay with the impact of losses that can occur. Unlike the case with attacks or theft in general, the disadvantage of cyber attacks can actually be greater because it can target many points simultaneously. If that happens, the company could suffer financial losses (loss of funds saved), increased costs for recovery and replacement of the components of the device that was attacked, the destruction of the company’s reputation, to chain damage because the system is connected to many other companies.

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