Windows server administration fundamentals

Windows server administration fundamentals

Do you want to work in the IT world? One of the most common courses you can catch when you want IT to the world so badly is in server administration. The most important thing to know when you are going to enter it is to know windows server administration fundamentals where you can learn the very basic skill in managing servers and how to maintenance it. The software you will use to learn and operate s Microsoft Windows server. It has been so popular among the server administration world.

Microsoft Windows Server is one of the famous operating systems in the world. Lots of companies that use Windows Server as the main operating system, engineer and sysadmin needed by the company continue to increase demand. If you choose windows server administration fundamentals courses right for 4 days you will be guided by professional instructors in their fields with an explanation and understanding of the material and examples of implementation in the field will make you have Windows Server system administrator skills when it has finished following this :


  • You are expected after the training to be able to install and configure the server with the Windows Server operating system
  • You can understand the troubleshooting steps on the server with the Windows Server operating system.
  • You will also join the Windows Server WhatsApp Training group. So you can ask if there are difficulties in understanding the material or there are problems with troubleshooting related to Windows Server.
  • During the training, you will be lent a laptop with qualified specifications during the training.

You will receive training modules in the language you know and also some supporting software. There you will know more about how to install a server so you will understand the drivers, service and the installation option as we know that server installation is very essential in server administration. Another windows server administration fundamentals things you should master include the server roles where you can control the application servers, remote access, virtualizations and more. Everything about server administrations like installations, roles, directory, storage, management, and maintenance are important to master. You will need no other requirements when you have mastered this course because you have understood the things and also the details about how to manage servers and things for administrations. You have to make sure that you manage it well from the installation to the maintenance.

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